Reach, engage and manage customer communication globally.

Enhance customer engagement with video interaction within the app.


Face-to-face interaction within the app powered by EconSMS

In-app & cross platform video calling

Get a step closer to real-time interaction with your customers. By integrating our video SDK, make live video chats possible within your application. Two-way video is enabled when both the parties are connected, making face-to-face calls less intrusive and more personal for your customers. You no longer need to rely on any third-party video application to connect with your customers.

Enjoy comprehensive collaboration and HD video calling without the need for users to leave the websites or applications. EconSMS also supports cross platform video calling. Seamless interoperability and functional parity across web, mobile and desktop.

Increase engagement and customer experience

HD video calling

With real-time video calls, customers get a personalized communication experience and services from the comfort of their location. HD video calling within the app takes away the hassle of physical presence of the customer wherever required. EconSMS is a secure and reliable platform with ease of API integration and seamless connectivity.

Video recording

Whether you have to record calls for audit and monitoring purpose or to capture a technician activities for training purpose, EconSMS video API provides real-time recording feature to meet your needs. Recorded calls can be played and viewed at your specific location for easy access.

Why Choose Us

Cloud-Communication Platform, a Powerful Infrastructure.



Global reach

Interconnected with telecom operators across 220+ countries for SMS, voice and international numbers


Faster Integration

Our programmable APIs reduce the implementation time and allow faster integration by being reliable and secure.


Cost and time saving

We help businesses save expenses and time while providing high quality real-time communication solutions.

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