Two-factor authentication

Secure transactions, account login, websites and more by providing 2-factor authentication. EconSMS SMS API facilitates 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) which helps overcome challenges and account frauds.

How two-factor authentication helps your business?

Two-factor authentication  provides an additional layer of protection

Improve security

Eliminate the possibility of fraudulent logins by integrating our SMS API into your application for two-factor authentication codes. Let users gain instant and secure access to your app with just their phone by entering the authentication code to verify identity.

Secure online transactions

Provide unique authentication code for every transaction, login, app password reset, update profile etc. With EconSMS SMS API, get over the need of remembering passwords or exposing them to hackers by providing a secure platform

Enhanced user experience

Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of protection that secures the application, the transaction and the customer. Create a secure brand experience and increase customer satisfaction and trust.

Scalable & reliable

Use single, robust EconSMS SMS API for hassle-free authentication code generation. Add extra security by using verified and configured API key.

Lower helpdesk and security management costs

Minimize the number of password-reset calls to your helpdesk. With EconSMS SMS API, you can send two-factor authentication codes within the app for providing a safe and secure way for the users to reset passwords on their own. Increase your cost savings and boost your employee productivity and satisfaction.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) business use cases

Banking & Finance

BFSI can integrate our SMS API into their apps to provide safe account login, transactions and service request. The codes are unique per user and data will be provided once the user is verified with the code sent via SMS.


Avoid spam and fraud online purchases and payment checkout. By implementing 2FA codes within the app, the user can easily enter the code to finalize the order. No need to depend on third-party SMS platform and carrier charges.

Online Booking Portals

Verify a user’s identity during the booking process. Send a one-time code via SMS within the app. Provide a faster and seamless booking experience to users.

Device Authentication

Confirm the user’s identity when logging into their account from another mobile device. Sending 2FA codes Send a one-time code via SMS within the app.

How it works?



User login to your app

The user taps a button to request a verification code.


User gets single-use 2FA code

EconSMS delivers a one-time-use code to the user via SMS within the app.


Verified users get access

When user enters the code received in the app. The app confirms that the entered code is correct and allows the user to login.

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