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Short & Long code SMS

EconSMS API enables businesses to build two-way communication by using short & long-codes. By integrating APIs, short codes can be incorporated for sending high-volume messages in the business-to-consumer environment, whereas long codes are used for any SMS marketing campaign.

Two-factor Authentication

Integrate OTP and two-factor authentication API to safeguard your data, accounts and users transactions. Now, you can send verification codes within your application without relying on any third party application. End-to-end communication is now possible within your web or mobile application.

Sender ID Customization

Build your unique identity while sending an SMS by having your own sender ID. EconSMS Portal helps you to customize sender ID. Your SMS message will be even more personalized and this will make it easier for the customers to recognize your brand.


An all-in-one platform for a great messaging experience

Our APIs reduce the implementation time & allow faster integration by being reliable and secure.

Two-factor Authentication Codes

Add an additional layer of security to your application-based communications. Build credibility and trust among customers by sending two-factor authentication codes within the application. EconSMS is a secure and reliable platform for quick delivery of OTP and authentication codes.

Advantages of OTP & two-factor authentication

--Authenticate new users - Let new users verify their phone to prevent spammers and eliminate out bulk account creation.
--Secure account logins - Protect each account login with a unique OTP that is sent via SMS at each attempt.
--Safeguard transactions - With EconSMS, you can implement OTP that is sent within the app to verify accounts before users proceed with a transaction

Promotional & Transactional SMS

Retain customers and build contextual communication by sending promotions, offers and alerts & notifications SMS within the app. Engage and keep your customers informed of the latest development. Additionally, you can send alerts for transactions within your app.

Two-way SMS

Add more engagement to your messaging platform by integrating EconSMS SMS API. With two-way SMS, users can easily reply to your messages within the application.

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Cloud-Communication Platform, a Powerful Infrastructure.



Global reach

Interconnected with telecom operators across 220+ countries for SMS, voice and international numbers


Faster Integration

Our programmable APIs reduce the implementation time and allow faster integration by being reliable and secure.


Cost and time saving

We help businesses save expenses and time while providing high quality real-time communication solutions.

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