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How customer notifications and  reminders enhance business operations?

85% of consumers are interested in receiving proactive notifications. That’s where EconSMS communication APIs come in the picture. By integrating our APIs, you can surely connect with customers in real-time within your application. With EconSMS you can proactively send notifications via SMS, calls, chat, interactive voice messaging and push notifications.

Proactive notifications

You can incorporate timely communication by integrating EconSMS into your applications. You can send out appointment reminders, payment alerts, booking details, shipment tracking link via SMS or chat.

Two-way communication

For critical information that requires customer acknowledgement, two-way communication is vital. EconSMS SMS API offers two-way communication wherein customer can reply to the same message within the application.

Customer engagement & flexibility

Deliver timely notifications about pending appointments, travel updates & arrivals, payments and more to keep your customers engaged. You can send SMS and chat message to remind them.

Enhancing customer experience

Create a meaningful customer experience by leveraging customer preference. Also, you can send personalized messages, offers and discounts based on customer location and previous history. Customer engagement can happen within your application so that the customer doesn’t miss out on your messages.

Create a global presence

Using EconSMS DID numbers you can send SMS to customers across the globe. You can provision local number and send out SMS to build connect with customers.

Business use cases

Travel & Hospitality

Deliver the best customer experience by engaging with customers about travel itinerary, payment, arrivals and flight/ bus/ train status, accommodation within your app. Ease the travel journey by empowering your customers to use a single app for all their travel needs.


Retain customers by building contextual communication. Keep an eye on abandoned cart customers, those waiting at payment checkouts or payment failure issues. Connect immediately by sending push notifications. Enable them to connect via click-to-call, SMS or chat for immediate assistance.


Ensure your patients make their appointments, confirm and reschedule appointments, create up to date wait lists for open slots, notify patients of availability, and keep patients informed at all time within your app via SMS, call and chat.

Banking, financial services & insurance (BFSI)

Deliver instant messaging for your customers. Inform them about payments, KYC process and other updates via personalized SNS, call and chat. Our platform supports outbound two‑way messaging.

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