Missed call service

An innovative yet customer-friendly way to connect with customers. With our missed call service, never miss your customers and build seamless communication platform.

What can a business do by integrating missed-call service?

How contact center enhances business operations?

Lead Generation

Missed calls help to capture 100% of the leads coming from different mediums. When user leaves a missed call to your number, the data is captured in your CRM or a spreadsheet for further use.

New user activations

Build interest and get new users engaged with your brands via different campaigns. New users can create their accounts or register themselves by leaving a missed call.

Hyper targeted approach to tap market

Increase the reach of your business with a missed call number, thereby optimizing your target audience.

Build interactive campaigns

Conduct polls, surveys and collect customer feedback. Use missed call solutions to call back your customer with detailed product/service information at zero cost to them.

Customer verification

Missed call service can also be used for customer verification. Ask your customers to verify their phone number by giving a missed call to a number.

Instant customer engagement

Missed call solution along with outbond calling solution plays a significant role in instant customer engagement.

Toll free missed calls numbers

You can also integrate your existing toll-free number for missed-call service and give boost to your campaigns.

How it works?



Customer calls and disconnects

Call gets disconnected the moment it lands on your virtual number which acts a missed-call number for your business.


Data is collected

The contact information is collected in a CRM or a spreadsheet.


Automated call back

To connect with the customer, an automated call back can be triggered once a missed call lands on your virtual number.

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