Phone number masking

Maintain data privacy with number masking! Bridge your
customers with support staff anonymously through DID numbers.

Communicate without revealing the identity

Number masking or call masking helps businesses to safeguard their customers’ identity, and prevent misuse of sensitive information by anonymization customer’s phone number. This solution allows you to connect two parties without revealing their phone numbers.

Protect user identity

Number masking guarantees data privacy. With phone number masking, you can now connect your agents, delivery team and field agents to customers without disclosing your customer’s real number.

Secure communication

EconSMS provides a comprehensive platform for communication. Now, no need to rely on private communication channels for business-customer interactions.

Reduced call cost

DID numbers provide seamless connectivity for local and international numbers. With our DID numbers, no need to buy a large number of phone numbers. Number masking can be achieved through a single number to bridge customers and agents.

Call tracking

Using EconSMS DID numbers, you can get a complete report of the conversations that your agents have with your customers.

Preferred channels

Empower your customers to communicate in the way they want. Voice or SMS, EconSMS DID number covers both with utmost privacy.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Build trust and loyalty among your customers by retaining their privacy and data.

Number masking business use cases

Logistics and transportation

Let drivers and passengers/ customers connect through number masking, without sharing their phone numbers. Without revealing actual contact details, drivers and customers can share timely information about upcoming deliveries and other services.


Keep patients contact details protected and build trust by offering timely support and assistance.


By integrating EconSMS DID numbers into your application, buyers and sellers can connect for various products and updates.

Food delivery

Delivery agents and customers can get connected on the live status of food delivery. Without sharing the actual number, both the parties can connect. All you need is to integrate EconSMS DID numbers into your application.

How it works?



User initiates a call from your application

The user calls a local virtual phone number to connect with the agent or your support team or order your product.


EconSMS connects with your server

EconSMS connects with your server. The call is initiated with EconSMS predefined DID number.


Phone number is masked

Both the parties are connected and only EconSMS platform knows the phone numbers of the two call participants. Agent receives a call via this number which can be accessed only until the current customer contract is active.

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